Urinary Incontinence with Interstim

InterStim® Therapy is an effective treatment for multiple forms of bladder incontinence. It is a small neurostimulation device that stimulates the body’s sacral nerves, which control bladder function.

The InterStim device, about the size of a silver dollar, is implanted beneath the skin of the pelvis, where it acts as a modulator of neurological signals. This bridges the communication barrier between the brain and sacral nerve, enabling proper functionality of the bladder, bowel, sphincter, and pelvic floor muscles.

InterStim emits electrical pulses allowing for increased control of urinary function. As a result, overactive bladder is effectively eliminated.

InterStim is a revolutionary technology for the treatment of incontinence due to its reliability and safety. The device is minimally invasive and the procedure is reversible. A trial period with a temporary device for up to two weeks is used to better gauge the effectiveness of long-term use of an InterStim device. Additionally, the procedure for implanting the device is minimally invasive and is a reversible process. There is also a trial period available for InterStim to test the device for up to two weeks before committing to surgery.

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